What is CeraShield Anti-Virus Anti-Bacteria Cleaner?

CeraShield AVAB Cleaner is a high level disinfectant technology platform offering safe, effective, user friendly single step cleaning and disinfection across a wide range of industries from healthcare to educational establishments, to food processing to transportation. The AVAB Cleaner is based around the quaternary ammonium compounds didecyldimethyl ammonium chloride (DDAC) and benzalkonium chloride (BAC) with an adjuvant effect to enhance its antimicrobial efficacy.

How effective is CeraShield AVAB

Cleaner against microbes?

Extensive testing at independent, accredited laboratories has demonstrated that CeraShield AVAB Cleaner offers broad spectrum high level disinfection. See left table 1 for details of the antimicrobial efficacy testing that the AVAB Cleaner has passed.


*All testing was performed using hard water and under dirty conditions in order to present the toughest challenge to the AVAB Cleaner technology.


How does CeraShield AVAB Cleaner kill micro-organisms?

CeraShield AVAB Cleaner kills micro-organisms by simultaneously attacking multiple microbial structures and components which are all essential to life (see Figure 2 on right). The result is a rapid microbial kill of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Figure 2: Schematic diagram highlighting the key bacterial structures affected by CeraShield AVAB Cleaner.

Why, where, when and how should I use CeraShield AVAB Cleaner?

Why: Improving environmental cleanliness reduces the risk of infection, cross infection, contamination, spoilage etc. whilst also reducing the number of microbes transferred onto people’s hands. CeraShield AVAB Cleaner products have been particularly successful in the very challenging healthcare setting where their use has resulted in cleaner clinical environments when compared to both standard cleaning10 and chlorine dioxide based cleaning and disinfection protocols.9


Where: CeraShield AVAB Cleaner is designed for use in situations where there is a clear need to create and maintain the cleanest possible environment whilst reducing the bioburden (i.e. number of microbes present) in order to interrupt key microbial transmission pathways (surfaces and/or air) and reduce the risk of infection, cross infection, contamination, spoilage etc.


When: To get the best results, CeraShield AVAB Cleaner should be used frequently and it should be used in place of your standard cleaning and/or disinfection products, becoming an integral part of your normal cleaning process.


How: CeraShield AVAB Cleaner cleans and disinfects simultaneously and therefore only requires a single stage process to achieve the highest level of cleanliness. The product is very simple to use and will fit into your existing cleaning processes with no training required.

What makes CeraShield products unique?

In addition to very high levels of antimicrobial efficacy CeraShield AVAB Cleaner is fragrance free, chlorine free, alcohol free and exhibits the following key qualities when in use:-





  Food safe

  Safe in use

  Cost effective

  Easy to use with excellent

    levels of user acceptance

  Prolonged antimicrobial effect after application

  Excellent materials compatibility

How cost effective is CeraShield AVAB Cleaner?

A clinical paper by Keward (2013) in the British journal of Nursing reported an 84% cost saving when adopting CeraShield AVAB Cleaner Trust wide at Alder Hey Children’s hospital in place of chlorine dioxide on a like for like basis i.e. 1 x litre of CeraShield AVAB Cleaner vs. 1 litre of Carbon Dioxide. 9


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