Concentrated Formula | Neutral pH | High Foam Formulation | Streak & Spot Free

Product Description

It is important the yacht is maintained and washed regularly to remove salt and soot from the surfaces. Our boat soap is specially formulated to be compatible with all our coatings and other aftercare products. CeraShield Wash Down Soap is PH neutral and biodegradable.



For best results add a few capfuls of soap to a bucket of fresh water and wash using a brush, rinse with water. Do not let it dry and wipe away to clean the area.



Price (excluding IVA)


1L - €13.40

5L - €67.00



Spray and Wipe Formulation | Leaves a long-lasting gloss finish

Product Description

CeraShield Detailer is a high-quality detailing spray. It delivers a glossy and highly durable finish to all surfaces. This product is easy to use, and leaves a hydrophobic layer of protection, it is designed to top up existing protection. It can remove calcium and salt marks from all surfaces. Easy for quick detailing and can be used instead of acids like vinegar.



Shake, spray and then buff off the surface for a slick finish that can be seen and felt immediately after application. Detailer is ideal for use on paintwork, GRP and glass as well as many other hard surfaces.



Price (excluding IVA)


500ml - €37.00

1L - €74.00

5L - €185.00



Water Based | Safe On All Substrates | Zero Voc Content |

Anti-Static Properties | Non Hazardous

Product Description

CeraShield Degreaser is PH neutral, and it can be used instead of high alkaline products such as Spray Nine, Roll-Off or vinegar which are damaging to painted surfaces.



For best results apply generously to the area by spraying directly onto the surface or wiping it on with a microfiber cloth. Do not let it dry and wipe away to clean the area.



Price (excluding IVA)


500ml - €22.00

1L - €44.00

5L - €110.00



High Gloss | Easy Cleaning | Reduced Maintenance | Simple Application |

Leaves a slick hydrophobic finish

Product Description

CeraShield Ceramic Topper is a coating that protects smooth, non-absorbent surfaces against acid rain staining, UV & weathering. The ceramic topper increases hydrophobicity and leaves a gloss finish that feels slick to the touch. The surface that has had the ceramic topper applied to can be cleaned repeatedly.



Simply spray onto cleaned surface or into a microfibre cloth, wipe on and buff off lightly by hand. This is used as a thinner resin than our 7 Micron coating and can be used as and when you need it. If you feel you have an area that has taken any rubbing or wear, use on a cleaned surface.



Price (excluding IVA)


500ml - €58.00

1L - €116.00

5L - €290.00

All CeraShield aftercare products are compatible with all our products and coatings

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Based in Palma de Mallorca, CeraShield specialises in providing removable long lasting ceramic coatings for yachts in Palma and Worldwide. Our professional team of applicators have over 10 years’ experience in the application and removal of ceramic coatings to Superyachts.

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